Welcome to Essex Cluster Fly Control

Essex Cluster Fly Control offer a guaranteed pest control service eradicating cluster flies from homes and businesses throughout Essex & East Hertfordshire.
We use the latest technologies ensuring your cluster fly problem will be eradicated professionally. Technicians are RSPH/BPCA accredited and DBS security checked, ensuring you are in safe knowledgeable hands at all times.

With the arrival of autumn and colder weather, cluster fly colonies migrate in their thousands away from surrounding agricultural land in search of warmth.
Your property provides that much needed warmth and first internal sightings are usually between mid-October and first week of November.
Cluster flies target rural and semi-rural properties colonising south and east facing elevations. Internal warmth and UV light draws cluster flies down from cold dark loft spaces and target upper floors and will typically loiter around window frames and window sills.

The endless use of fly spray and daily hoovering of carpets and window sills is the classic hallmark of the beginning of an ongoing cluster fly problem.

Cluster fly treatments are carried out afternoon when daylight is fading or when it's dark, ensuring all cluster flies are inside loft spaces and recess voids.

For Cluster Fly help and information or to make a booking please call 0800 612 7708 or contact us online.

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